Lifeline Horizontal

Lifeline Horizontal

Temporary horizontal fall protection systems are very popular for assembly work in steel construction, in scaffolding and in general construction. LIFELINE HORIZONTAL is a portable, very quick to assemble and flexible fastening device. Two people can be secured over a distance of 20 metres as they work. The system's two carabiners can be attached using slings (for example) to suitable structures such as steel beams, scaffolding or concrete pillars. According to new regulatory certification requirements, the structure used must be configured for a load of 6 kN, since in the event of a fall, the force exerted on the system is limited to a maximum of 6 kN by means of damping elements.


20 metre horizontal range

The structure used only needs to be able to withstand a load of 6 kN

Flexible horizontal fall protection system for nearly every kind of construction site


STANDARD CEN/TS 16415:2017, EN 795-B:2012

E-CLASS NUMBER 40-02-01-90


AREA OF APPLICATION Construction / Roofer / Carpenter, Metal Construction

CUSTOMS NO. 63079010

WEIGHT 2,87 kg

MATERIAL Polyester, Steel

2 440 SEK

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Artikelnummer L-0329
Varumärke Skylotec
Kategori Fallskyddslinor

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