CLAW Line Top AP Alu
  • CLAW Line Top AP Alu
  • CLAW Line Top AP Alu

CLAW Line Top AP Alu

CLAW LINE TOP ANCHOR POINT for the "ladder fastening" system version, where the fall-arrest system can be fastened directly to the aluminium ladder used. The stainless steel (V4A) anchor point ensures that the force introduced in an emergency is completely borne by the system due to its high force absorption capacity with the aid of a bar and rung reinforcement over 3 rungs. The upper ladder anchor point can be combined with other lower CLAW LINE anchor versions directly on the structure (CL-012) or other anchor points (e.g. CL-010 or D-BOLT).

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Artikelnummer CL-011
Varumärke Skylotec
Kategori Vertikala vajersystem

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