Atom Xtreme fallskyddsblock 2mtr

Atom Xtreme fallskyddsblock 2mtr

Checkmate ATOM-XTREME lightweight fall arrest block . ATOM-XTREME is the smallest and lightest fall arrest block in its class in the world. Its lightweight chassis, PC ABS housing and webbing made with Dyneema® contribute to its outstanding strength and performance. The ATOM XTREME range is a totally new concept in design engineering and has a revolutionary triple micro pawls lockout system and a full internal braking mechanism. The ATOM-X-107 can be used for TIE-BACK anchorage around a suitable structure, see TDS 183. The ATOM XTREME can also be used for foot level tie with a maximum user weight of 100kg (220lbs), (excludes ATOM-X-107). All models can be linked together with a dual kit to make a twin leg variant.

product features

Webbing Webbing made with Dyneema® = 20mm-minimum breaking load 15kN
Wear Indicating Chord Wear indicating chords integrated into Tie-Back area
Average Arresting Force below 4.0kN
Maximum Arresting Force 6.0kN
User Weight 150Kg Maximum
Capacity 2 metres
Tie-Back Hook 23kN ANSI Z359.12(09) 5000lbs gate rated hook

standards:EN 360, OSHA 1910.66 & 1926.502


Dyneema® and Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™ are trademarks of DSM. Use of these trademarks is prohibited unless strictly authorized.

principal materials

External Housings PC ABS. High strength and rigidity. UV stabilised
Shaft Steel zinc plated & passivated
Chassis Hot rolled steel zinc plated & passivated
Pawl Steel, hardened - zinc plated & passivated
Bearing Plates PTFE
Tie-Back Hook Alloy steel

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Artikelnummer ATOM-X-101
Varumärke Checkmate
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