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Fall protection training

We know what it takes to work at height. Having the right equipment is important, but it's not enough. We offer world-class fall protection training in one of Northern Europe's best training centres.

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C2 Vertical Training

C2 Vertical Training is our own brand and is today a leader in Sweden in training at height. We have trained more than 2000 people in Sweden, and a large number abroad.

We organise fall protection training for safe and effective work in high-altitude environments, both basic and refresher courses. The courses include both theory and practice, ensuring smooth operation of equipment and an understanding of the entire safety system. The theory part also covers Swedish and European laws and standards for working at height.

The methods we teach are based on try to use the fall protection equipment as an aid and not just a protection. This contributes to more efficient and safer performance, speeds up the work and reduces the wear and tear on your own body. You will also experience the benefits of working in a system supported by stretched ropes and appreciate the extra opportunities provided by the active use of fall protection equipment. Best of all, you will gain knowledge that allows you to work safely, leading to increased safety.

The most important thing for us during the training is safety! Our safety in fall protection training is also your safety. Our instructors are continuously trained. Many of them have extensive experience in climbing and all are certified and specially trained for their role as instructors.

Normally, we have a maximum of 12 students per course with two instructors to keep safety and efficiency high. After the training, students receive a certificate in driving licence format.

We provide all fall protection equipment and materials to the courses, as well as coffee and lunch. At C2's training courses, we always use the latest and best equipment available on the market.

C2 Training Centre

Our training facility is called C2 Training Centre and is located directly next to our office in Uppsala. C2 Training Center is one of Europe's leading centres for fall protection training for rescue operations and work at height. Several of the country's leading experts in high-altitude work work work here. C2 Training Center is a certified Petzl National Training Centre.

The C2 Training Centre measures 18 metres from floor to ceiling and has an area of 450 square metres. In the training hall there is a telemast, silos, wooden poles, windmill, climbing wall, a 7 metre high house, rigging and under the roof, 18 metres above the floor, a long ramp for practising firing and rope climbing.

Training programmes - GWO

C2 Vertical Safety are proud certified GWO members. We offer the GWO's standard Basic Safety Training and the GWO's Advanced Rescue Training. If you want to read more about GWO's training programmes, you can find it here. here.

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