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Working at height has its risks. We have extensive experience in working at height and can help you in your work. We can help you establish or develop a risk analysis, a rescue plan or a methodology for a specific task. You can also ask for advice or hire us to monitor a job at height. There is always a best method to carry out a job.

We work and carry out inspections in many high-altitude environments and can give you advice to make your work safe and effective. Tell us about the job to be done and we will advise you on which working method to choose and what fall protection equipment you need. If temporary fall protection points are required, we can also give you suggestions to keep you and your colleagues safe during the job.

If you feel that your team needs to train for the mission, we can organise a tailor-made fall protection training course or an opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills. We are happy to share our own and our suppliers' knowledge and experience. Count on us to give you advice and help.

Examples of projects:

  • Briggen Tre Kronor, consultation on method and equipment for working on masts and at height in their somewhat special environment 2013
  • SUEZ, consultation on methods, formal requirements and equipment 2017
  • Kone Cranes, consultancy on methods, formal requirements and equipment 2017
  • Globen "Mr Big Pumpkin" consultation and project management of the installation of decals at Globen 2014

Questions on fall protection or consultation

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