Training - Solar and Wind Power (GWO)

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is an international organisation that aims to standardise and improve training and safety in the wind energy industry. GWO-accredited training courses are recognised worldwide and provide workers in the wind energy sector with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their work safely.

An important area of GWO training is fall protection for work on wind turbines. As working at height is common in the wind industry, it is essential that workers have the right training and equipment to minimise the risk of injury and accidents.

GWO's fall protection training for wind turbine work focuses on developing knowledge and skills around risk assessment, use of personal protective equipment and techniques for safe access and egress from wind turbines.

The training programmes include both theoretical and practical learning. In the theoretical part, workers learn about the laws and regulations governing safety issues in the workplace, as well as basic concepts of fall protection. In practical learning, workers are trained to use personal protective equipment, climbing techniques and other methods required to perform work on wind turbines safely.

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