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Fall protection is an important part of working at height in the telecoms industry. To protect workers working on masts, roofs or facades, there are several training programmes that provide expertise in this area.

A fundamental part of mast work training is to teach workers about the safety procedures and best practices that must be followed when working on a mast. This can include training on how to use safety equipment such as fall protection, ropes and helmets. It may also involve learning how to avoid dangerous situations, such as climbing too high on a mast or working in bad weather.

Mast work training is often necessary to work in this industry, and there are various certifications and licences that may be required depending on the task and workplace. It is important that employers ensure that their employees are properly trained and that they follow all necessary safety procedures to minimise the risks associated with working at height.

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Joakim Glimregen
Training Manager
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