Training Courses - Rope Work, IRATA and Rope Access

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is an international trade association specialising in rope access and rope work training. IRATA provides standardised and recognised rope access training that meets the highest safety requirements for working at high altitudes or in difficult to access locations. The course is an intensive training programme that focuses on developing the skills and experience required to carry out different types of repair work at high altitudes.

The training programmes include both theoretical and practical exercises. The theory part includes topics such as working methods, rope and equipment knowledge, risk assessment and safety regulations. The practical part includes exercises that teach rope climbing techniques, working at height, handling equipment and materials, and effective repair methods.

One of the advantages of choosing an IRATA training course for repair work is that it is a recognised standard worldwide. IRATA-certified workers have an internationally recognised standard, making it easier for them to find work and showcase their skills. IRATA repair work training also gives workers the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, including construction, oil and gas, wind energy and telecommunications. By taking IRATA repair work training, workers gain a competitive advantage and a strong foundation for a successful career in repaccess and repair work.

NB! Have you already attended an IRATA course before? Remember to always bring your logbook. If you are missing your logbook, you need to apply for a new one from IRATA and make sure you get it before the course starts.