Product information & recall

JANUARY 5 2024


Petzl is requesting the inspection of certain GRILLON products following the discovery of ropes installed incorrectly in the rope adjuster on newly manufactured GRILLON products. In such a case, the product does not perform its blocking function, which can lead to a risk of personal injury.

Please immediately stop the sale and use of GRILLON products manufactured between October and December 2023, and follow the inspection procedure described here!

Please contact customer service at for any questions.

September 7, 2023

Honewell - Quality alert

We have been informed that a quality problem has been detected on a repaired product UNIVERSAL II SHUTTLE FPH_27871. The problem is that a pin is missing from the carabiner. Possibly all products with the same design repaired between February 2021 and December 2022 could be affected by this issue:

BodyControl IFPH_27441
BodyControl IIFPH_27440
Universal IIFPH_27871
VR50050163730-001 / 50163730-002

If you are an end user, make a visual check of the products listed in Table 1 above to determine if the pin is correctly in place or missing (see images above).

We also remind you that:

1- The fall protection device, consisting of the carabiner and the system itself, must be checked in its entirety before each use to ensure that it is suitable for use and that it functions correctly.

It must be ensured that the carabiner pins are in place.

2- A competent person must regularly check that the device and the fall protection system are in good condition and suitable for use. Such inspection is performed at least once a year or more often, depending on the application and conditions of use.

In the event that the product is missing the pin, immediately remove the product from all use and contact Honeywell at:

Phone: +49 09281 8302 0

Please contact customer service at for any questions.

OCTOBER 25 2023


Following the discovery of a defect on the opening D-ring of the Petzl Astro harness, an inspection of the Astro and Canyon Guide harnesses is required. Due to the risk of inadvertent opening of this attachment point, which could lead to a life-threatening situation, we ask you to immediately stop using these harnesses and perform the inspection. according to the following instructions from Petzl.

- If the harness passes the test, fill in the declaration here
- Coping with the harness not tested contact Petzl here

Please contact customer service at for any questions.

MARCH 8 2023

SlapLit™ LED Slap Wrap

We are forced to recall all products in the SlapLit™ LED Slap Wrap range. This is because the product is incorrectly labelled with EN13365. As the product itself does not reflect light but must be lit to create visibility, it does not meet the standard that its packaging is labelled with.

Article number and EAN this applies: 

  • SLP2-10-R3, 094664035676
  • SLP2-33-R3, 094664035683
  • SLP2-35-R3, 094664035690
  • SLPR-10-R3, 094664045705
  • SLPR-33-R3, 094664045712

Read more about this here!

What to do

  • Urge consumers to stop using the product immediately.
  • Contact your retailer immediately for the return and crediting of the product.


A refund of the purchase price is refunded for the product. Contact your retailer.

Contact us

  • Please contact your retailer where you purchased the product for more information and repurchase of the product.
  • If you can't get in touch with your dealer, please contact us at C2 Vertical Safety AB at for help.