Scorpio Vertigo

Scorpio Vertigo

Y-sling for people with a weight between 40 and 120 kg. The two elastic arms have a long extension capacity with an ultra compact absorption-by-tearing system (Petzl patent).

The sling absorbs the energy of falls by ripping open sewn stitches (fall protection is in a small zipped bag). A third shorter loop allows clipping in for rest and facilitates traverse climbing. The loop has ergonomic Vertigo wire-lock carbines at the end of each arm. 3 year warranty.

Length of loop:

Inset: 77 cm

Extended: 108 cm

Short arm: 32 cm

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Article number L060AA00
Trade mark Petzl
Category Positioning lanyards
Dimensions 1.3 dm x 1.7 dm