ATOM sealed.antscr.antifog
  • ATOM sealed.antscr.antifog
  • ATOM sealed.antscr.antifog

Bolle Safety
ATOM sealed.antscr.antifog

Extremely compact and comfortable

Compact, lightweight and extremely comfortable thanks to its modular TPR frame, ATOM offers enhanced protection. Use: safety glasses or face shield.

  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • Board drainage channel for liquids
  • Rolled
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Platinum® coating


Guaranteed minimum resistance of the goggles to everyday risks, including dropping the goggles on the ground, ageing through light exposure, exposure to heat or corrosion, etc.

Risks related to radiation - UV protection

The protection filters ultraviolet radiation. This type of protection is particularly recommended in activities where the source of ultraviolet radiation is dominant, such as mercury vapour lamps, actinic or bactericidal agents. Use levels: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2 Lens colour: Clear, blue, yellow or green. Adding the code C indicates good colour recognition by the holder.

Chemical risk

Chemical protection against liquid drops or splashes. Glasses, adapted glasses with strap or face shield mandatory.

Chemical protection against large dust particles > 5 microns. Safety glasses mandatory¨

Chemical protection against gas and fine dust particles < 5 microns (sealed goggles mandatory)

Mechanical risk - Medium energy impact: Medium energy impact, resisting a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s.

Mechanical hazard - High-speed particles at extreme temperatures: The letter T, immediately following the mechanical strength symbol, authorises the use of high-speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Resistance to surface damage by fine particles: Anti-spatchcoating K provides an improved recertified coating.

Resistance to fogging: The anti-fog coating N is an anti-fog treatment certified.

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