Complaints & returns

Here you will find instructions on how to proceed when you want to make a complaint or return one or more items.

Complaints - when a product you bought from us has broken or does not fulfil the expected requirements as promised.

Return - When you want to return a product due to a cancelled purchase or similar.

Please note! You have to send the complained product to us for assessment. It is not enough to just fill in the form. If you have questions about your product, send an email to and we will help you.

Complaint form / Claim form

1Personal data
2Product information
  • Fill in your details as below / Fill in your details as below.


To return an item, fill in our returns document.

Please note that the right of return does not apply to
- Products with reduced prices
- Outgoing products
- Customised goods (e.g. cut ropes)
- Assembled kits

Batteries for rope mopeds (ACX - RCX - TCF)
The batteries are classified as dangerous goods (class 9 UN 3480 lithium ion batteries) and should be handled and transported accordingly. Defective batteries must not be transported.