About us

C2 Vertical Safety offers quality products from well-known brands
Quality is important. Quality means that you can trust the products you buy from us. It also means that the products last a long time. For us, quality is also a commitment to the environment. We are convinced that sustainable solutions and products are the best option for our environment.

Fall protection, climbing equipment and personalised light for demanding specialists is our daily business.
Safety is crucial for those who use our products. The proper functioning of the products we supply means life or death for our users. To help ensure safe work at height and in confined spaces, we offer a training programme with industry-specific fall protection training under the C2 Vertical Training brand.

Our customers are sports and outdoor shops, professional shops, and companies and authorities with operations and employees working at height. We specialise in the vertical world and can help you find products and system solutions that suit your needs. You can rely on us. We keep our promises and have the ability to deliver your order quickly.

C2 stands for Climbing Competence. Vertical Safety means vertical safety
With fall protection training, techniques, methods and products, we want to increase the safety of everyone working in the vertical world and enhance active outdoor life in demanding environments. See you there!

C2 Vertical Safety AB was founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs with solid experience in the industry and with many years of climbing experience.
The founders are brothers Mattias Åkesson and Mikael Johansson, friend and colleague Tore Nerland and the Kjell family. Right from the start, C2 represented the brands Petzl, La Sportiva and Beal in Sweden. Three brands that Mattias and Mikael have represented on the Swedish market since 1994.

In 2008, the C2 Training Centre opened and is the only one of its kind in the Nordic region. Since its inception, C2 has seen fall protection training as a crucial factor in the safety system for working at height. In an 18 metre high and 1,500 square metre indoor training environment, C2 Training Center offers different types of simulated work environments. The C2 Training Centre employs several of the country's leading experts in working at height. C2 Training Centre is certified as a Petzl Technical Institute. C2 Vertical Safety is also quality and environmental certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

As we have always done, the company works in close relationship with many of its key customers. With its specialist knowledge in climbing and fall protection, C2 Vertical Safety is a market leader in its industry and is part of a large international network. The company has around 20 employees.

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