Ben’s 3 tips when working with PPE inspections

If C2 Vertical Safety have ever carried out one of your PPE inspections, the chances are that Papertrail, a web system for the management of PPE inspections, has been used to check and log your equipment.

Ben Scholes, CEO of Papertrail as well as a web technology and outdoor enthusiast gives his best tips about PPE inspections!

1. Keep things simple and don’t over complicate, by having a common language amongst the team for the names and storage locations of equipment

2. Set up your inspection processes so everyone understands when equipment needs to be checked, how to check it and what to do if you need to report damaged equipment that needs replacing

3. Have a system that is robust enough for you and your whole team. Don’t rely on one person to update everything, as it might not be easy to understand if they are on holiday, or move to another part of the business

PPE inspections made easy with Papertrail

Papertrail provides notifications and alerts, to make sure that no inspections are overlooked, and ensures that damaged equipment is not used. All records are stored secure in the system should they need to be accessed later, and you can access the records on any desktop computer or via mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Ben explains that using a system such as Papertrail can make PPE inspections more efficient:

– Traditionally businesses use paper check lists or excel spreadsheets to log their inspections. Papertrail is able to demonstrate a number of efficiency savings when it comes to the time it takes for the management of PPE and updating records, with everything stored in the system. Papertrail minimise human errors, makes sure no logs are lost and creates reports for full compliance audits.

Papertrail was developed in the UK in collaboration with a number of different businesses who were managing large inventories of PPE, and required to keep accurate inspection records from a compliance point of view. Papertrail is an inspection, audit and management platform. C2 Vertical Safety is Papertrails partner in Sweden. To learn more about papertrail visit or contact our costumer service 018-67 79 90 at C2 Vertical Safety.